About Us


For over 20 years, Saini Logistics has been committed to service excellence. With expert planning and management, we have been catering to our elite clientele's unique freight and logistics requirements.

We understand that your logistic needs are distinctly yours. Therefore, we provide customized, tailor-made service to you with a balance of human touch and technological excellence.

Why choose us?

  • We manage the most robust logistic service for our customers.
  • We have built a great team of experts that works relentlessly to help our company, customers, and carriers perform at their best.
  • We are grateful for the business we receive and work hard to develop customized transportation solutions. We take pride in being customer-oriented and are ready to go above and beyond to please our clients.
  • We are respectful of our carrier base. Our carriers are the backbone of our business.

Director Speaks

“Greatness lies in simplifying complexities, cutting through the clutter and offering a solution everybody can understand.”
– General Colin Powell

The future depends on the smart amalgamation of human potential and technological possibilities. Emerging as a potent enabler of global trade, we, at Saini Logistics are delivering exceptional customer service and building lasting relationships to create high business standards with grounded personalities. We are not just transporting goods but are making way for an improved life for all by bringing the world closer, one step at a time. We are driven by the purpose of creating a more connected and sustainable future for global logistics. Together with you, we can change the world for the better.

Rajiv Saini, Director

Our Specialties:


    We give you an edge over your competitors with personalized service, end-to- end visibility and greater control.


    We provide logistics efficiency by optimizing and providing you with the quickest and most cost-effective routes.


    Our wide network ensures the widest reach across Canada. So, no destination is far enough.


    Your urgency is our priority. We take your critical shipments very seriously and ensure quickest delivery every time.